Within the scope of our growth strategy which is sensitive to society and environment, we aim to spread our sustainability studies to the wide value chain where our customers and suppliers are located.

In line with our sustainable business model, we aim to add value to our stakeholders as environmental, social and economic.

  • Hand World


    As Küçükoğlu Holding, we are bringing our experience and knowledge to the future by combining the rooted family company culture with the power of institutionalization. We see our employees as our most valuable asset and we make efforts to contribute to their professional and personal development. We are adding value from the past to the present by creating equality of opportunity, creating a respectful, egalitarian and innovative work environment.

  • Drop Water


    We add value to all stakeholders and the sector by combining our notable position between our customers and suppliers, the notifications obtained from two shareholder groups with our R & D and Innovation culture. We are carrying out our activities that play an important role in the transition of our company and industry to Industry 4.0.

  • Home Leaf


    We are responsible for managing our environmental impacts in the most effective way in the face of the impact of climate change and the decrease of natural resources, which are among the most important global environmental problems.

    In this context, we are working with a sustainable business model to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. With energy savings and efficiency, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, preventing the depletion of raw materials efficiently, managing our waste and reducing water consumption.

  • Lantern


    Within the scope of our sustainable business model, we use natural resources effectively to ensure the continuity of business processes. In this respect, we reduce the consumption of raw materials such as metal and plastic and work to recycle at the highest level.

    We add value to our environmental sustainability approach and economic sustainability through efficient raw material utilization.