HR Policy

For the existence, integrity and future of our group of companies, to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and respect between the employees with the management approach based on the respect for human being, to provide an environment in which employees can be responsible and continuously improve themselves and contribute to their personal development.



With the DATATECH Academy, all the employees in the organizations are provided with training programs which will meet their needs in compliance with the Küçükoğlu Holding standards by determining professional, personal development and managerial training needs on equal terms. All employees in the Küçükoğlu Holding family can participate in these programs.

Every employee in the organization is considered to be the expert of his/her profession and his/her training needs are determined and implemented correctly. In our leadership programs, we aim to develop strategy-oriented leaders who will bring awareness to their teams in business processes, ensure high quality opertions and provide added value for the future.