İbrahim KÜÇÜKOGLU has laid the foundations of Küçükoğlu Holding in 1985 with the target to manufacture original parts to worldwide Automobile brands.

Küçükoğlu Holding carries on its activities with the latest technology and investments in İstanbul, Sakarya, Bursa, Kocaeli, and Slovenia-Koper. Provides employment opportunities to thousands in both Turkey and Europe. While serving worldwide Automobile brands while continues its sustainable growth and continuous improvement.




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To be a leader, reliable and reputable world company that adopts unlimited development in all sectors in which it operates. Mission:

To be a group that meets the expectations of the society, environment and all stakeholders without sacrificing quality in its products and services and adding value to its employees with its sustainable growth.

As KÜÇÜKOĞLU HOLDİNG, we know the importance of the security of your personal data and we pay utmost attention to the protection of confidentiality.

Your personal data, depending on the service provided by our Company and the commercial activities of our Company, may be collected in verbal, written or electronic forms with direct or indirect methods, through our Company's units and offices, Group Companies, website, social media channels, mobile applications and similar means. Your personal data can be processed and updated as long as you benefit from the products and services offered by our Company and Group Companies.

The information you share under the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 for the purpose of establishment, execution and development of commercial operations and transactions with our Company will be recorded in our Company and transferred to third party information processors, financial institutions or other third party service providers that help us when necessary to carry out your transactions. Your information recorded in our company will be protected with all necessary and reasonable precautions in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6698. Hereby when you provide information to us on this website or otherwise, you expressly consent to the processing and transmission of your information for the above purposes.
KÜÇÜKOĞLU HOLDING is responsible for the processing of personal information; to send your requests on the below-mentioned subjects with necessary information to determine your identity, including the right you request to use among the rights set forth in Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law, you may fill the form at and send a signed copy of the form to the address of Nosab Erguvan Cd. No: 18 16140 Nilufer / Bursa TURKEY personally, and you may send through the notary or by other methods specified in the Personal Data Protection Law or you can send it with secure electronic signature to
- To learn whether your personal information is processed,
- To learn the purposes for which your information is processed and whether your information is used for those purposes,
- To know the third parties in which personal information is transmitted at home or abroad,
-If you think your personal data is wrong, to request the information in question to be corrected,
-If you think that the purpose of processing is no longer eliminated, requesting the deletion or destruction of the information in question,
- If you have any negative consequences for the automatic processing of your personal information, to object them,
-If you think your data processed informally, to request compensation for the damage resulting from this act.

Our Values ;
• We provide unconditional customer satisfaction.
• We conduct transparent and fair relations with all our stakeholders.
• Ethics and laws determine the way we do business.
• We add value to all our employees and contribute to their continuous development.
• We carefully select the Social Responsibility Projects and pay due attention to the community and environment.


Chairman of the Board


Vice Chairman of the Board


President of Industry Group


President of HR


Chairman of the Board


Vice Chairman of the Board


President of Industry Group


President of Retail Group

Engül Beylerce Tabanlı

President of Financial Affairs


General Manager of Toksan

Kıymet TÜRE

Trade Director

Göksel Elgün

Purchasing Senior Manager


R & D Manager


Engineering Director

Saadet Yıldız

Accounting & Finance Senior Manager

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SAP System Manager



Ak-Pres Hendek Factory Manager


Ak-Pres Bursa Plant Director/p>

Bülent GÖRAL

Akteknik General Manager


Toksan Bursa & Toksan Gebze Plant Director

Çağrı Çeşmeci

Ak-Pres Hendek Plant Director